The Sad Little Teapot

You know life is a bit different when you’re a little teapot. I came into this world in the spring of 1912, when the old master made me out of the finest porcelain in the old factory shop just outside of Edinburgh. So far I had an interesting life and over all I think a good life.
Well, that is, until sometimes, and I don’t really remember when, people just didn’t seem to be too interested in teapots anymore. The world uses little bags and these bags are put directly into the cups and so I became a sad little teapot.

I'm Angus, the sad little teapot, and here are some of my important friends:

Maisey - The Cup
Thomas - The Saucer
Lachlan - The Egg Cup
Lesli - The Dinner Plate
Macdougal - The Milk Jug

Thursday, 29 November 2007

The Sad Little Teapot

Book One

Today was a nice day for the sad little teapot. The sun got up in the morning greeted everybody with a light sparkle and made the glass cupboard where the sad little teapot and his friends lived, cosy and warm. “Morning, morning” said Maisay the cup as she smiled under the early glow of the light. “Good morning” replied Angus the sad little teapot, “it’s hard to believe that only a few hours ago, it was so cold, and now we are all warm”. “Do you know what day it is today?” asked Maisey, “No”, said Angus “I don’t know what day it is today”. “It is little Heather’s birthday, which means they might use us for breakfast, lunch or dinner” replied Maisey. “Yes” said Angus, “and they will drop a soggy old bag underneath my lid, and I will smell all day of wet paper” moaned Angus. “You can’t smell paper”, said Maisey, “even so, we should be happy that they are using us at all…” “Happy that they are using us - yes - I am sure you are right Maisey, but once I was the pride of my owner,” Angus had a look on his face as if he was in deep thought. “She talked to me every day for over 35 years, and then one day she just left and didn’t come back”. And so the door of the glass cupboard opened and Angus was taken from there to the dinner table where somebody filled him with hot water and very much to his surprise, with fresh tea leaves, tea leaves which smelled so fresh that Angus had a tear in his eye. And for a moment he was not a sad, but a happy little teapot.